About Us

About UsExperTech Insights is a content distributor and publisher. The works it distributes are from the organization itself and third parties. They cover systemic software-development-issues and strategy.

Mission Statement

ExperTech Insights circulates and publishes content on strategy and systemic software-development issues. We distributed our own work and output from others. The pieces from third parties are shared for the benefits of our subscribers, not to elevate outside producers. Our articles are written to help our readers, not to trick them into clicking. ExperTech Insights wants to assist organizations in their underlying application-construction-problems.


In 2010, Collin Rusk began collecting content around his interests. In the subsequent years, he has maintained a list of sources from which he draws articles that satisfy his curiosity and inform his work as a software architect. In 2018, Collin began publishing his own columns in Medium. His writings and the works he curated addressed more frequently topics systemic to software development and organizations as a whole than other articles did. In early 2020, Collin began to explore whether his sources and perspectives would benefit other individuals and institutions. By late 2020, ExperTech Insights was taking form. By mid-2021, the company was launched.

2010: collecting content

Collin started collecting content from various blogs, online publications, newsletters, and podcasts. He has maintained a list of these sources, using them to follow his interests and shape his efforts as a software architect.

2018: Publishing on Medium

In addition to consuming works from others, Collin began publishing his own articles to Medium. His columns explored his own interests and articulated his own ideas. Those passions and thoughts addressed subjects systemic to software development. Collin’s own articles and the outputs drawing his attention focused more frequently on system-level topics than other productions did.

Early 2020
Early 2020: Exploration of Idea

Collin has his own perspective. He has viewpoints that catch his attention. Those vantage points might benefit others. People might want to consume the works interesting to him. They might benefit from reading his opinions on software development or strategy construction/execution. Those followers, subscribers, and readers might form an audience from which insights about a niche and a particular product might be formed.

Late 2020
Late 2020: Setup of Business

An audience has to exist, before a person can acquire an understanding of it. An individual, publication, or business cannot form a market, without a means to draw a gathering. To build that congregation, Collin began developing a social media account, a newsletter, and blogs, with the hope of generating an audience large enough to draw insights about a niche and a particular product.

Mid 2021
Mid 2021: Launch of Business

Collin launches a social media account, a newsletter, and two blogs. He begins publishing through those channels. From those streams, he begins generating an audience. From that gathering, ExperTech Insights wants to draw insights about a market segment and product.


A single person team curates, distributes, writes, and publishes all content, under the umbrella of ExperTech Insights.

Collin Rusk, Founder
Collin Rusk, Founder

Collin conceived, developed, and founded ExperTech Insights. He maintains the list of sources, curates the content, writes the articles, and publishes them. Collin disseminates all material through social media and a newsletter. He has a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Le Moyne College and a M.S. in Computer Science from Lawrence Technological University. He has been a software architect on enterprise systems, since 2010.

Common Questions

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