ContentExperTech Insights circulates content on social media. It publishes articles on its blogs, one about systemic software-development-issues and the other dealing with strategy. The latest and most popular work is curated, in a periodically distributed newsletter.

Social Media

Social MediaExperTech Insights has its own blogs and a collection of third-party sources. When the organization publishes articles from those journals, they are disseminated to its followers on social media. Those clients also receive pieces from outside publishers. ExperTech Insights maintains a list of content producers from which the company pulls columns, circulating them on social media. The company’s subscribers receive the latest pieces from its blogs and its third-party sources first.

ExperTech Insights Newsletter

ExperTech Insights NewsletterThis bulletin focuses on systemic issues in software development. It is an element in the interconnected universe of content produced and curated by ExperTech Insights. This component collects our current content and most popular pieces from our twitter feed. It also provides a condensed answer to a specific question related to underlying problems in application construction, building off work in previous versions and our blogs (Software Development Journal and Strategy Construction Journal).

Software Development Journal

Software Development JournalSystem-wide issues have a far-reaching impact. The pervasive challenges are the ones consequential to software development. Those problems are the topics addressed by Software Development Journal’s articles.

Strategy Construction Journal

Strategy Construction JournalFollowing your gut or making choices at random is a strategy. However, those approaches are not particularly describable or repeatable. A better-articulated and predictable game plan might be a goal, but a method of that sort does not spontaneously generate or implement itself. A person or organization must create that scheme and put that methodology into place. Techniques for creating such a strategy and approaches for utilizing it are the subjects discussed in the articles within Strategy Construction Journal.

Who We Are

ExperTech Insights is a content curator and publisher. It distributes and prints pieces related to strategy or underlying issues in application construction.